You keep it hidden, even now...

In the end, we went our separate ways, but still the fact that I stole him away from you remains. You’ll never forgive me for it, will you? Well, I can’t say that I blame you. I would feel the same way if I were you. I wish I could take it all back and be friends again. This school is so full of memories. Those were happy times, with you, me, and him.

Is that all you have to say to me? I’ll just say this. I have no feelings for him at all. Not now, and not then either. I never loved him. That’s why, I don’t have any hard feelings towards you now.

But, then… whose picture have you kept locked in that pendant of yours?

This is...


[ bond ]

episode 29 - azure blue paler than the sky.

“All of this is my fault. Do you hate what I’ve become? Perhaps if I tried to be a prince like I used to be, no one would have to get hurt.”


Episode 12 of Utena really struck me. From Touga undercutting Utena until she felt forced into the normal uniform instead of choosing to herself, to an unseen fangirl saying Utena looked ‘even better now’ though she was unhappy.
If you follow society’s expectation, you’ll be better approved. Your desires surely does not matter in comparison.

Utena is an amazing anime.

Also, shout out to Karma who helped me with the idea of the background. I probably would have gone for just basic color. GIRL YOU AND YOUR CREATIVITY.

From now on, we'll live to help each other...

Listen, if you ever have a problem, I want you to come to me first and tell me about it. We can help each other through anything. I want us to be friends like that.

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