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Starry Night by Nikola Pavlinovic (me)

Make a wish



Before bloom & once bloomed

hoya bella - Shooting Star

comin’ back on just for this

god damn I love flowers that look like stars







#i nearly threw up when i looked at this #SPACE IS SCARY

I believe I made a noise that can only be described as ‘ohhhgnehrfghaFUCK’ then burst into tears because astronomy is amazing and this is so fucking beautiful and the universe is beyond glorious and I am just so glad that this is real and exists

oh god yes this!


100,000 Stars is a new experiment for Chrome web browsers (or any other WebGL browser like Firefox or Safari) that lets you interactively explore the Milky Way galaxy with your mouse and scroll wheel. It is gorgeous and well worth exploring.


Stellar formation is slowing down

An international team of astronomers have recently conducted the first comprehensive survey of stellar formation—a kind of ‘star census.’ Since light has a maximum speed, researchers were able to use enormous telescopes (including the imaginatively named Very Large Telescope in Chile) to look into the past and study several star-forming galaxies from 4, 7, 9, and 11 billion years ago. They found that the rate of stellar formation in the early universe was far greater than it is today, and that that 95% of stars have already been formed. Half of these were created at a peak between 9 and 11 billion years ago, when the universe was still in infancy—a casual observer would’ve seen stars rapidly igniting the darkness all around. Since then, the rate of stellar formation has gradually slowed to a fraction of its former pace, and is currently 3% of its peak. After churning out the remaining 5% of stars, the universe will run out of star-making materials and star production will grind to a halt. In the future, over billions and billions of years, the universe’s stars will run out of fuel and extinguish one by one, and eventually the universe will be a very dark place.

(Image Credit: NASA)

That’s kind of sad…


like they were last night.. “and everything you do.. yeah they were all yellow”

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